Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweet Insanity

Well things here are crazy everyone, just crazy!  We tried to start the GAPS diet this past week  - boy is it tough!  So after a week of the intro diet we have decided to move on to the full diet.  If you have children, and you ever decide to try this diet be sure to do it in the summer when they are not in school.  It brings quite a lot of havoc into your life! 
So today we were wanting.....something. If you have ever tried a limited diet before you understand what "something" is.  Its something that doesn't contain anything you have been eating over and over the past week and it has.....taste. Well faint hearts never create tasty food and so dear friends I have a recipe for those of you who are limited.  In honer of the occasion I deem it....

This isn't my image - things are too nuts here for taking pictures!

(because life can be a little nuts)
Take a scoop of walnuts (like 1/2 cup maybe)
add about 1 TBS. butter
a generous squirt of honey
a shake of cinnamon
maybe 1tsp Vanilla
Put all this in a blender of some nature and blend to the consistency you like.  Our first batch was rather smooth but the second (well we had to for the sake of fine tuning the recipe you know) was quite chunky.  We decided that this would be tasty on a banana or on apple slices.
Have a nutsy week everyone!