Friday, July 27, 2012

Meatless (and cheap!) Meals

I decided to write a post now and then on meatless meals.  I'm doing this so I can make myself think that I have great knowledge on what to cook on Fridays for people who have a variety of allergies in their house and have that one day a week that is meatless! After all, coming up with things that don't include wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, soy, fish AND meat can be a little challenging!
I'm sorry I don't have a picture for this, but I didn't think about posting it until after the fact. So without further adieu, my first meatless Friday recipe!

Pasta with Beans and Greens

-gluten free pasta of your choice ( I used Ancient Harvest Quinoa/Corn blend)
- sliced mushrooms
-package of fresh spinach
-white beans of your choice
-white wine
-vegetable stock
-vegetable bouillon

Now I have to tell you right now - every measurement is to taste in this recipe. Also if it wasn't Friday I would use Chicken stock and bouillon. 
 So my pithy directions:  While your pasta is cooking in one pot, fry onions and garlic in a frying pan. After it has cooked some add the mushrooms and when they are nearly cooked, add the spinach and drained beans.  When the spinach is cooked to your liking, add the wine, broth and a scoop of bouillon .(I use Better Than Bouillon, it comes in a jar)  Than just taste it and adjust it as you like.  Oh, I also added salt, pepper, and basil.  Really its the garlic and wine that make it, so go heavy on those, just don't use a sweet wine - yuck. Now just throw it in your pasta and your good to go!  Quick, healthy, cheap - what more do you want!

I had to have some kind of picture - it was killing me!!

Looking for more allergy friendly recipes?  Check out Allergy Friendly Friday at Cybele Pascal's website!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

(coffee) BREAKING NEWS....

Everyone knows food coloring is bad for your, right?  But sometimes you use it anyway, correct? They do make "natural" food coloring you know....if you don't mind spending a zillion dollars to color a cookie. So what is a sugerholic to do if you what a little pizazz on your cupcake or cookie?
According to the Babycakes Cookbook you can color your frosting with natural ingredients! Some were obvious, but others were not!

 pink/red:  use cherry, raspberry, cranberry, pomegranate or beet juice

purple: blueberry juice

Green:  liquid chlorophyll ( you can get this in Whole Foods)

Yellow: a pinch of turmeric powder

I think I'm going to have to do some baking!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Picking Peaches

Last week we went peach picking for the first time ever.  We have picked apples and strawberries before, but never peaches.  Some advice if you ever do it - they weigh more than you think!

This was the "front yard" of the farm.

I think we spent as much time admiring the view as we did picking peaches!

Full buckets! (43lbs. full actually)

Well that's about all the pictures I got, sorry!  My hands were full of baby and buckets, so it was a little difficult to juggle everything.  Hopefully I'll get more when we go back for blueberries!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


The Major is no longer Major!  He is now Lieutenant Colonel!  The promotion ceremony was very nice and everyone treated us so kindly.

The reading of the promotion orders.

Pinning on the new rank

Renewing the oath

Sealed with a kiss!

The whole clan

Time to celebrate!

Ummm Cake! Daddy should get promoted more often!

Tomorrow, peach picking!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Our little one  was baptised a week after her birth.  Unfortunately her Godparents couldn't be there. We were fortunate, however, to have some wonderful new friends stand in for them.

We are so happy that our little one now has a squeaky clean soul..............oh to be a baby!
Tomorrow.......promotion pictures!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm still alive!

I know it's been forever - but I've been so  busy.  Having a baby is time consuming! I have lots to share but lets start with the baby pictures shall we!

Here is the little princess on her birthday.

Notice the hair!

Look how wide eyed at only a few days old! Obviously an intelligent baby!

Well there's a glimpse of the new one.  I haven't found her blog name yet, sorry.  Tomorrow I will show you her baptism!