Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Boy how time flies! The winter was a trying one at times, between our oldest setting off on her own, a flu that seemed to last forever, and the decision to buy our first house.  Its funny that we have been married 19 years and have never owned our own house! Well thats about to change.  Mr. Bouncer has made the decision that its time to retire from the army.  Its a little stressful, but I think the right thing to do.  With just about a year left we felt it was time to buy a house so all these little ones would have a place to live....so here it is! Nothing in this family goes off without a hitch of course, so this was not the first choice house. The first one had some issues at the inspection and we felt it best to pull out of that one. Of course we would eventually like something more in the country but with the uncertainty of the future job situation we felt a more traditional type home was best. If worst comes to worst, hopefully this house will be easier to sell or rent. So although not exactly our dream home this house is quite nice and will be quite a cozy place I'm sure. For me the fun will be the freedom to do what I want with it. The worst thing about renting and living in military housing is ever time you move you think "if this were my house I would...." Now I can do all those I woulds, well, all the "I woulds" that the budget will allow anyway!

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